Download GoFly VPN for PC, Windows and OS X

Follow the instructions provided here to download GoFly VPN for PC or Laptop and access restricted/blocked sites and apps on the big screens.

From basic communication to entertainment, you have tons of apps for every task. However, sometimes you face restrictions and cannot access them. Same is the case with websites and other sources on the internet. In most cases, you have geo-restrictions, which are imposed either by governments or ISPs. With the GoFly VPN, you can now bypass these restrictions or firewalls and access the blocked content. And here, we will help you download GoFly VPN for PC and Laptop. The app is originally designed for Android devices and you can get it easily via Google Play store. As for PC/Laptop, we have shed light on the process in a later section.


The basic aim of GoFly VPN, like any other mainstream VPN is to give you access to the restricted and blocked content on the internet. When it comes to the features, there isn’t much to discuss given that GoFly VPN is a simple proxy service. However, the key thing is that you get a seamless experience in a simplest way. To give you an idea of features, let’s see what GoFly VPN has to offer. For starters, let’s discuss about the connection speed, which is an important aspect. It is a high-speed VPN proxy service that allows you establish a high-speed connection.

GoFly VPN for PC

Next, is security, which is another key thing that you should take into account. While browsing, you have to ensure your data is safe from prying eyes and is protected. GoFly VPN comes with network security and anonymity features in order to keep your connection secure. Also, there is no limit to the traffic that you transmit over the connection. On top of that, GoFly VPN is quite easy to configure and easy to use.

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In short, you have a simple and easy to use service in the form of GoFly VPN. You can get it easily on your handheld devices via app stores. As for big screens, you can download GoFly VPN for PC on Windows and Mac devices.

How to use GoFly VPN on Windows and Mac

Given that restrictions aren’t limited, you might have the same issues on your PC/Laptop as you do on your handheld devices. And therefore, you might want to use it on your PCs and Laptops. However, note that GoFly VPN is designed for Android devices and you cannot install it on your PC/Laptop. And that’s because of the difference in the OSes. Having said that, there is a way around, which involves installing an Android Emulator. If you haven’t heard about the Emulators, don’t fret, we have shed light in the section below.

GoFly VPN for PC

Before we get into Emulators, you need to know that why you need them in the first place. GoFly VPN is designed for Android devices and you cannot install it on your PCs or Laptops. The only way to use it on big screens is to install it on your PC/Laptop, and that’s where the Emulators come in. These are virtual machines that set up an Android OS platform so that you can run Android-based GoFly VPN on your PCs and Laptops. For your ease, we have listed the instructions in the section below to help you with the process.

Install GoFly VPN for PC and Laptop

  1. First, you need to install an Android Emulator in order to run the app.
  2. You can download Bluestacks or Nox player.
  3. Next, set up the Emulator using your Google Account.
  4. After setting up, launch the Emulator and open Play Store.
  5. Type, “GoFly VPN” without the quotes and click on the search button adjacent to the search bar.
  6. From the search results, click on GoFly VPN icon to install it on your PC/Laptop.
  7. Once the installation completes, you will find GoFly VPN under the All Apps section.
GoFly VPN for PC

Note that in order to use GoFly VPN PC on big screens, you will have to open it in inside Emulator as it will not work system-wide. In case you are having trouble downloading GoFly VPN for PC, reach us through comments.

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